Diakonia: My Tribute to Mar Osthathios / Dr. Swetha R. M.

HG Dr Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Metropolitan was known as the prophet of love and social justice.

The Sabharatnam of Malankara, as the title bestowed by the church implies, was the gem of the church, who believed in the universal love of the triune God. His grace was a scholar on varied topics on theology and had authored 59 books and penned over 50 poems. The poetry was set to music composed by Thirumeni himself, and many of these songs which focus on the need for the love of God to bring about social justice and the oneness of mankind, are used as devotional songs for worship, among the faithful.

His Grace was the member of Faith and Order Commission and of the World Mission and Evangelism and had served as the advisor of the assembly of WCC held at Nairobi in 1975. Thirumeni founded St Paul’s Ashram and Children Home, Mission Training Centre, Marriage Assistance Foundation, Sick Aid Foundation, Save A Heart Foundation, House Building Aid Fund, more than 40 other humanitarian institutions, movements and projects all over India for the poor, for patients with AIDS and their children, and for the patients with terminal illnesses, mission homes for those with Hansen’s disease and their children, homes for the orphans, as well as old age homes.

The great theologian, visionary, and true follower of Christ , and the shepherd who lived an exemplary life in service and love for mankind, entered into eternal rest in 2012, February 16th, and is entombed at Paul’s Mission Centre, Mavelikara, Kerala, India.

The lyrics and music of the song (in Malayalam) are by His Grace.

(All images are from public domain.)


Sambathu srishticha thampurane( O THE LORD, WHO CREATED WEALTH)
Sambathu nalkalle dharidryam nalkalle (Prov: 30:8- GIVE US NOT WEALTH, GIVE US NOT POVERTY)
Anpode nalkuka annavum vasthravum (1Thim: 6:8: WITH THY MERCY GIVE US BREAD AND CLOTHING)
Empamai jeevippan sneham mathi ( ONE NEEDS JUST LOVE FOR A JOYFUL LIFE)


2. Solomon sambannanayashesham (ONCE SOLOMON BECAME RICH)
Baline snehichu, yahine kaivittu (1King: 11:3-8 – HE LOVED BAAL AND LEFT JEHOVAH)
Israel dharidhryam koodiyappol(AND AS POVERTY ROSE IN ISRAEL)
Misraymil pokuvanagrahichu (Exo: 16:3 – HE LONGED TO LIVE IN MISRAIM)


3. Ekanam thathente dhanamellam (THAT THE ONE GOD’S MANIFOLD BLESSINGS)
Lokam muzhuvanum labhyamayidunnu(MIGHT REACH THE WHOLE WORLD)
Nallorunale vanniduvanai(SO THAT THE FUTURE MIGHT BE SO BLESSED)
Kristuvin sneham bharichidenam(THE LOVE OF CHRIST SHOULD RULE)


4. Dhravyathin agraham nashathin karanam (1Thim: 6:10: THE DESIRE FOR WEALTH IS THE REASON FOR DESTRUCTION)
Daivathin rajyam bhakthanmarkagraham(WHILE THE FAITHFUL SHALL YEARN FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD)
Sarvvamathangalum sarvvajanangalum(MAY ALL RELIGIONS, ALL THE PEOPLE)
Divyamam snehathil onnaitheeranum(ABIDE IN THE LORD’S LOVE AND BE ONE)


Another beautiful song written and composed by Thirumeni.


(performed by Snehasandesam Gospel music team, St Paul’s Mission Training centre,
Mavelikara, Kerala. Phone: 0479 2302473)